Edge Honing on Leather Wheel

Honing a carving gouge

Edge honing a palm held carving gouge using the Short Tool Jig SVS-32.

You remove the burr and hone the edge on the leather honing wheel impregnated with the Tormek honing compound. The leather removes the burr gently like the barber’s leather strop, giving you a razor sharpness and a bevel polished to a mirror finish.

You can hone either free-hand or let the tool remain in the jig after the grinding, so that the honing is carried out at exactly the same angle as the previous grinding.

For a tool, which has the right shape and edge angle but has become dull, you should go directly to the honing wheel. Since the tool is accurately guided in the jig, you can press on the tool without any risk of rounding off the bevel.