Stainless Steel Shaft with EzyLock MSK-250

With the Tormek EzyLock (patent pending), which is both a nut and a washer, you need no tools for mounting and dismounting the stone. The special pitch on the left hand thread causes the rotation of the wheel to tighten the nut to the right torque.

Turn the Ezylock anticlockwise by hand and the grindstone will automatically tighten during the first sharpening.

When dismounting, you turn the stone clockwise and the EzyLock will automatically become loose.

This construction also makes it very easy to change grindstones, from the standard aluminum oxide to the new specialty stones (Blackstone Silicon for High Speed Steel and the 4000 Grit Japanese Waterstone).

The shaft, washer and EzyLock are all made of stainless steel. Fits Tormek T-7, Tormek 2000 and all older models with 250 mm (10") stone.

Mounting the EzyLock

Mounting: Put the grindstone onto the shaft and turn the EzyLock anticlockwise by hand. When sharpening, the grindstone will automatically tighten to the right torque. You need no tools.

Dismounting the EzyLock

Dismounting: Turn the grindstone clockwise by hand and the EzyLock washer nut will automatically become loose.

Mounted EzyLock Main Shaft with EzyLock Main Shaft with EzyLockAlan Holtham – Tormek Upgrades