HolzWerken Werkzeug-Kompass 2014

HolzWerken Werkzeug Kompass 2014
In this thorough test of sharpeners Tormek is the test winner with the average score 9,0.

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Published with permission from HolzWerken Magazin.

American Woodturner June 2014

“Some people have never experienced using a truly sharp tool, but when they do, they will find it takes less force to cut and it cuts so cleanly that the savings in abrasives alone are significant.”

“Because Tormek regularly improves its system, that’s the brand I selected. Try wet sharpening; like me, you will be amazed how much better your turning experience is.”

Terry Martin

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Woodturning Design Winter 2010

BGM-100 Review:
“I was extremely impressed with the development of the new jig. I liked the Tormek T-7 a lot, but didn’t relish spending the time doing the initial grinding required to shape the tools so I could keep them sharp with the watercooled wheel. This jig solved the problem and I am extremely happy with the entire system now. Those of you who are already using the Tormek system, I would recommend that you invest in the new jig. For those who are thinking about purchasing the Tormek system, I would highly recommend that you purchase the BGM-100 as well. And not to leave anyone out, for those of you who use a dry grinder exclusively, the BGM-100 would be a great addition to your sharpening process. Even if the edges are not as sharp and long lasting as a Tormek sharpened edge, the BGM-100, along with the Tormek jigs, will provide unmatched speed, versatility, and repeatability for all your sharpening needs.”

Joseph M. Herrmann

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Woodturning November 2008

“I’ve used practically every incarnation
of the Tormek system and the
improvements incorporated in the
T-7 make this version the best yet.
For beginners or experienced users
who want to save steel by accurate
repeat grinding, this is a most
worthwhile investment.”

Michael Huntley

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Wood Magazine October 2008

“Price often indicates quality, and we certainly found that to be true in wet sharpeners. Tormek’s heavy-duty T-7 proved impossible to stall, no matter how hard we pressed on the tool during sharpening; none of the lower-priced units even came close.
Its tool-holding system (tool rest and holders) fit together like hand in glove and gave us dead-on bevels and square ends with little fuss. And the stone wore much slower than less-expensive models we tried. If you sharpen hand tools or knives at least once a week, the versatile T-7 is the sharpener for your shop.”

Dave Campbell

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Woodturning September 2008

“The Tormek TNT-708 Woodturner’s Kit is a superbly made, comprehensive kit and does speed up the sharpening process. It is, along with the rest of the Tormek product range, incredibly well made. I have got the process for sharpening a fingernail profile gouge down to under a minute so one can no longer say it is a slow process.
Look at the TTS-100 gouge again (or your own) and compare the cutting edge to that of a dry bench-ground one. It will produce a better finish off the tool and I do think the edge lasts longer as a result. It is well worth the money and as most of us work in other wood disciplines other than turning, the Tormek system becomes more and more attractive!”

Mark Baker

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The Woodworker August 2008

“I have yet to find anything that cannot be sharpened on the Tormek. The honed edge is incredibly fine, and coupled to this dramatic improvement in edge quality is the not insignificant fact that the tools will last far longer, as the sharpening process is so much less aggressive.
I am now a total convert to the wet grinding system. It really is Touch and Turn, but you touch far less often and turn far more!”

Alan Holtham

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