The Tormek Warranty

Tormek T-7 Warranty Card

The Tormek way of sharpening has been carefully developed and fine tuned over more than 30 years. Our goal has always been to deliver a functional system that makes it easy to sharpen your cutting tools while at the same time achieving a great result.

We believe this machine will meet your sharpening needs for many years and are proud to deliver our machines with the longest warranties on the market. You can rest assured that all future developments will fit your machine.

Welcome to the Tormek way of sharpening!

Håkan Persson
CEO, Tormek


Tormek T-4

7 Year Warranty

Tormek T-4 has a 7 year warranty.*

*When used for commercial, industrial or educational purpose the T-4 warranty is 2 years.


Tormek T-7

7 Year Warranty

Tormek T-7 has a rock solid 7 year warranty including professional usage. This is possible due to the improved coating of the housing, stainless steel main shaft and a powerful, industrial AC motor, which is designed for continuous operation.

10 Year Warranty Register your machine

10 year warranty

Yes, it may be unbelievable but we are so confident in our T-7 model, that we will give you an additional 3 years warranty. From the long Tormek standard warranty of 7 years to an amazing 10 years.

All you need to do is to register your machine within 6 months after your purchase. The extended warranty applies to your Tormek T-7 when purchased after July 1st 2011.


Jigs, accessories and spare parts

Jigs, accessories and spare parts have a two year warranty.



The Tormek warranty is valid together with the purchase receipt and covers all parts of your Tormek machine against material and/or manufacturing defects. The warranty guarantees the function of your machine but does not cover normal wear and tear, incorrect use or neglect. The warranty does not include freight costs. The serial number should always be specified in case of a warranty claim.

In the event of future warranty issues or if your machine needs service – please contact the agent in your country. In many cases the problem can be solved over the phone or by sending a spare part. Do not return the machine without an agreement with the Tormek agent.