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Hunting & Outdoor

A sharper wilderness experience

Sharp tools are essential if you enjoy hunting or fishing, or just love being outdoors. A sharp knife is easier to use and more enjoyable to work with, and it reduces the risk of injury. Being able to sharpen your own tools gives you the best chances of enjoying a successful wilderness experience.


Being in the forest and the great outdoors is all about being present, living in the moment. For many it's an escape from the stresses of everyday life, while for others it's a natural part of their day-to-day lives. Sharp edges enhance that experience of nature and make everything so much easier, with no frustration caused by an edge not being up to the job. Anyone who hunts, fishes or otherwise engages in outdoor pursuits knows what a difference the right equipment makes.

cleared hunting stands and sharp barbecue skewers

Whatever attracts you to the great outdoors, sharp tools enhance all aspects. Heading out with the family for lunch outdoors? Or maybe you're the person in the hunting team who's always clearing out the lookouts and building the stands? Whoever you might be, you're probably familiar with that fundamental sense of satisfaction you get from working with really sharp tools. If not, then it's time you tried it!