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Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

The first real knife sharpener for the home chef

In November 2021, Tormek is launching its first knife sharpener for the home chef – the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener. As interest in cooking and fine knives reaches new heights, Tormek sees a clear need for home cooks to be able to sharpen and hone their own knives. At home in their own kitchen.

A Brand-new Product Made in Sweden

With this new knife sharpener, the home chef can sharpen their knives in their own kitchen. In many cases, people will sharpen their knives when they start to get dull, but eventually the knife will need a new edge. “This is the first real knife sharpener that allows you to professionally resharpen an edge at home in your kitchen,” says Håkan Persson, CEO of Tormek AB.

What sets this machine apart from conventional methods of “home sharpening” is that you can both hone the knife for maintenance on a separate honing wheel, and resharpen it on a diamond grinding wheel when it needs a straight, new bevel and edge along the entire blade. The aim is to enable the quality-conscious home chef to quickly and easily resharpen their own knives to a precise angle for professional sharpness. Without having to take them away for sharpening.

Proven Method

Tormek has been producing sharpening machines for both woodworking and professional kitchens for many years. As a partner of the Swedish Culinary Team, Svenska Kocklandslaget, since 2018, Tormek's knife sharpeners have been tested by the best, delivering sharp edges for world-class cooking.

The new knife sharpener for home use, the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener, is based on the same method used in Tormek’s knife sharpener for professional chefs. It features a patented diamond grinding wheel that sharpens the edge, together with the patented guide. You use the guide to set the desired edge angle. The result is a smooth, straight bevel with the same angle over the entire length of the blade.

The machine also has a separate composite honing wheel that hones away any burr while polishing the edge to maximum sharpness. The honing wheel is also used to maintain the knife's sharpness on a regular basis. “The biggest challenge was reducing the size of the machine so it can take its rightful place on the kitchen counter, without losing sharpening capabilities or compromising quality. And we've succeeded,” says Håkan Persson. As proof of this, the new knife sharpener comes with the same eight-year warranty as Tormek's other machines.

Sales Start in November 2021

The new knife sharpener will be released to consumers starting in November 2021. Initially, it will be sold on the Swedish market via our web shop, and exclusively via Bagaren & Kocken in the Nordics. Expanding to further markets later on.

More about the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@tormek.se.