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News: New Knife Jigs

We have great news, this time for all you knife sharpening enthusiasts out there! We have just made two new products official. Namely two new, self-centering, patented knife jigs!

Self-centering Knife Jigs

The new knife jigs are called KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig and KJ-140 Wide Centering Knife Jig. As you can tell by their names, they have some things in common with the previous knife jigs, but these new jigs will center the blade of the knife in the clamp of the jig, no matter the thickness or geometry of the blade.

The new jigs come with a couple more intriguing features too!

  • They have two fixed stops which provides for sharpening a wider range of blade heights.
  • Sharpening with a controlled motion between these two stops allows for a convex bevel.
  • The handle is made from durable composite which glides smoothly on the universal support and reduces the weight.
  • The majority of the weight is now focused to the clamp, which provides a better sharpening experience.

But most importantly, these new jigs will give you an even better result with symmetrical bevels.

Sales start in April 2022. Availability may vary between markets. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@tormek.se.