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Scholarship recipient of 2023: Andreas Söderström

This year's journeyman furniture to be awarded the Tormek Scholarship is a tribute to a dear family member. As a finale to his studies at Carl Malmsten's Furniture Studies, Andreas Söderström has made the archive furniture "Morfar" (Swedish for Grandpa).

Andeas Söderström has made a piece of furniture in a modular design that can be folded out and adapted as needed. Not only is there room for valuables, but also the coffee cup.

Future-proof and tricky moments

The stripped-down design language can be deceptive. At least at first glance. Clever features such as a maple compartment behind the sliding back are a clear example of how form meets function. Valuable possessions can be stored here. Like a framed photo of grandpa - the person who inspired the piece.

But the sliding sides are not just movable. They also needed a locking mechanism to keep them in place. This was also one of the trickiest parts of the manufacturing process. The locking mechanism of the sides required a number of attempts to get it right, Andreas admits.

- "I want to avoid building in mechanical parts so that they are inaccessible. I always build so that you can do maintenance or replace parts if necessary, without making any impact on the rest of the furniture.

A design collaboration

The furniture is a collaboration with the designer Ragnar Brodow, which Andreas is careful to emphasize.

- "It is part of one of the courses in the program to deliver a brief to a designer. So Ragnar, who studied furniture design, has designed Grandpa based on my descriptions.

Andreas then had to create the furniture based on the designer's design. The choice of wood was walnut, which is accompanied by recessed parts in cherry. The furniture has also been adorned with details in polished brass, which has also been polished with the whetstone on the school's Tormek grinding machine.

Aiming for a career in carpentry

After completing his education at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, Andreas works as a freelance carpenter at a joinery in Stockholm. He also has his own studio where he works on his own projects on the side. It is also where his new Tormek T-8 Black will keep his tools in shape for a very long time to come. And he is looking forward to sharpening his turning tools.

- "I've just got a lathe that I'm looking forward to using. So first and foremost, it's the turning tools that need to be refurbished. But since I'm passionate about sharp tools, the grinder will be used extensively for the next 50 years," says Andreas with a smile.

The jury's motivation

This year's Tormek scholarship holder Andreas Söderström has in his journeyman test "Grandfather" carried out work with the greatest possible precision. With his great interest in mechanics, his cabinet is filled with mechanical solutions that require accuracy and sharpness in execution. A closed piece of furniture that grows into a functional archival piece of furniture with space for memories, coffee cups and inspiration.

Henrik Björkman

Jury member for Tormek Scholarship