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Woodworking and Crafts

Durable edges for all types of craftsmanship

Really sharp tools play an important role in many woodworkers' day-to-day lives. To guarantee a top quality end result, of course, but also to minimize the risk of injury. The Tormek sharpening system is suitable for lots of different applications and is appreciated by craftspeople all over the world. From professional woodturners and knife makers to avid hobbyists and suchlike.


The edge is sharpened in a water bath which collects any steel particles and dust from sharpening, and the grinding wheel rotates at low speeds. This minimizes the amount of steel you remove and prevent overheating so that the steel doesn't lose its tempering. Your tools will last longer and stay sharper for longer, and you have full control over your sharpening.


The Tormek jigs give you full control and repeatability when sharpening tools. Marking the bevel with a marker allows you to find and repeat the existing angle quickly and easily.

There's a Tormek jig for almost every edge tool you can imagine. Whatever your craft, you can ensure maximum sharpness for your tools, time after time.