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OWC-1 Tormek Converter

Tormek's jig system on bench grinder with Wolverine Vee-arm

The OWC-1 Tormek Converter is an attachment that makes it possible to use the Tormek jig system directly on a bench grinder with a Wolverine Vee-Arm, together with the BGM-100 Bench Grinder Mounting Set.


Why OWC-1 Tormek Converter?

  • Allows you to use the SVD-186 R Gouge Jig, SVS-50 Multi Jig, SVD-110 Tool Rest and TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter on a bench grinder with a Wolverine Vee-Arm.
  • Reshape the tool profile quickly and easily on your bench grinder.
  • Keep the same jig setting when sharpening on your Tormek as when you shaped the tool on the bench grinder.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works with most standard bench grinders with a Wolverine Vee-Arm and the correct grinding wheel.

Adapted for your bench grinder

If you already have a Wolverine Vee-Arm External link, opens in new window. mounted on your bench grinder, you can add this converter so as to mount the BGM-100 Bench Grinder Mounting Set directly on the Vee-Arm.

Wolverine is a OneWay Manufacturing External link, opens in new window. product. Tormek is not associated with OneWay in any way. The Wolverine and OneWay brands are both the property of their respective owners.

Specs and details


Shipping weight 1.51 kg (3.33 lb)




Galvanized steel, aluminum, black composite knobs


2-year warranty


Instructions OWC-1 EN


To see all patents, please visit tormek.com/patents

Made in Sweden

Included in the box

The OWC-1 Tormek Converter comes fully assembled and ready to fit.

  • Instructions for the OWC-1 Tormek Converter.