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RM-533 Rubber Work Mat

Reduces vibration and collects water

The RM-533 Rubber Work Mat gives you a waterproof, non-slip work surface. This rubber work mat is made of thick natural rubber. It has a raised edge that keeps liquids on the mat. The RM-533 Rubber Work Mat protects you from vibrations, your work area from liquids and your newly sharpened tools from hard knocks.


Why RM-533 Rubber Work Mat?

  • Generous natural rubber mat reduces vibrations.
  • Adheres well to the surface it's on – doesn't slip.
  • Retains spilled water, honing compound and other dirt.
  • Fits perfectly on your TS-740 Sharpening Station – where it's included.
  • Fits all Tormek machines.

Enhances your sharpening

The RM-533 Rubber Work Mat provides a convenient and clean base for your sharpening system. It's not unusual to spill a little water when sharpening, especially when working with longer tools. This rubber work mat is the perfect base, in that case – it retains the water with its raised edges so you can easily wipe it away when you're done sharpening.

Not only is the natural rubber waterproof, it also prevents anything you put on it from slipping around. And what's more, the RM-533 Rubber Work Mat comes with thick rubber, which reduces vibrations when sharpening. Quite simply, what you get is a more convenient, comfortable and ergonomic sharpening experience.

Specs and details


Shipping weight 1.65 kg (3.64 lb)




Natural rubber


2-year warranty


To see all patents, please visit tormek.com/patents

Made in Sweden


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Watch our experts explain the benefits of the RM-533 Rubber Work Mat.

Included in the box

The RM-533 Rubber Work Mat comes fully assembled and ready to use.