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PL-01 Profile Labels

Easy setting for sharpening woodturning tools

The PL-01 Profile Labels make it easy for you to repeat the sharpening angle and shape of your tool. You note the sharpening settings for your specific tool and attach the label to the ferrule of the tool. Then setting your jig will be a breeze the next time you're ready to sharpen this tool!

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Why PL-01 Profile Labels?

  • They simplify jig setting when sharpening woodturning tools.
  • They guarantee an exactly replicated sharpening angle and shape.
  • Durable material – your notes will last a long time.
  • Used in conjunction with the TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter and PP-10 Profile Pen.
  • They fit around the ferrule of your woodturning tools.

Easy setting for complex sharpening shapes

The PL-01 Profile Labels are used to note the settings you use to sharpen your woodturning tools. You note down the three factors affecting the shape of your woodturning tool; the jig setting, the protrusion of the tool from the jig, and the distance to the grinding wheel.

Noting these settings on a vinyl profile label that you attach to your tool means you can easily repeat them every time you sharpen the tool. This gives you an exact replication of the tool shape and sharpening angle, every time.

PL-01 Profile Labels are used together with the TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter and PP-10 Profile Pen for easy setting when sharpening with the SVD-186 R Gouge Jig and SVS-50 Multi Jig.

Specs and details


Shipping weight 0.01 kg (0.02 lb)






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Made in Sweden


Instructional video with Glenn Lucas: Sharpening woodturning tools on your Tormek

World-renowned woodturner Glenn Lucas demonstrates how he uses Tormek's water-cooled sharpening system to sharpen his woodturning tools. He uses PL-01 Profile Labels together with the PP-10 Profile Pen to note down the sharpening settings for his woodturning tools.

Included in the box

PL-01 Profile Labels comes in sheets of nine.