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Grinding jigs

For precise, controlled and repeatable sharpening

What is a grinding jig anyway?

A jig can also be referred to as a fixture, guide or stop. You mount your edge tool in the jig for controlled sharpening. Tormek's jigs are designed to provide accurate and safe sharpening of most edge tools. You can easily sharpen your particular tool to your preferred angle and shape and repeat the settings whenever you want.

Sharpen your tools with unbeatable precision

Our range includes jigs for short, long and flexible knives, scissors, axes, woodturning tools, chisels, gouges, planer blades, moulding knives, drill bits and more.

The jigs work on the universal support, which makes it possible to keep the bevel even against the grinding wheel during the entire sharpening process. This has several advantages, including a significant increase in sharpening efficiency and precision compared with other methods.