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Grinding wheels

For a sharp and lasting edge

Tormek grindstones

Tormek grindstones are known for their efficient results and long service life – a Tormek grindstone often lasts for years. Our various types of grindstones are all optimized with special sharpening abilities for different applications.

One thing all of our grindstones have in common is that they're designed to give your tools a sharp and durable edge and the surface finish you need.

Tormek diamond grinding wheels

Our diamond grinding wheels are developed specifically for your Tormek water-cooled sharpening system. The low rpm of our machines makes them ideal for use with diamond grinding wheels as no heat is generated.

All of our diamond grinding wheels have exceptional wear resistance and maintain a constant shape. This means they always stay round, true and flat, with a full size diameter. Users who often sharpen the same tool benefit greatly from this, as it simplifies both jig setting and sharpening. You can also sharpen tools that require a completely flat bevel against the flat side of the wheel.