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Spare Parts

Let your Tormek live on

Quality lasts

Our machines, jigs and other products offer outstanding Swedish quality and last a very long time. It's not unusual to come across machines dating back to the 1970s that are still running and producing sharp edges.

As far as we're concerned, buying a Tormek is sustainable because it's a one-time purchase that will extend the life of your tools and make your use of edge tools more enjoyable, hopefully for the rest of your life. And if anything breaks, we want you to be able to fix it yourself.

Compatibility is sustainability, too

Because a Tormek lasts such a long time, it's important to us to make sure that even older machines can benefit from new innovations. That's why we do our best to make all new products compatible with older machines as far as we can. This is something that runs through the entire Tormek philosophy for all our products.