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R-3090 Water Trough for T-8

New water trough for Tormek T-8

Need to replace the water trough on your Tormek T-8? No problem! R-3090 Water Trough for T-8 is the spare part you need. Just attach the trough, fill it with water and start sharpening your tools again! The water trough fits the Tormek T-8 Original and Tormek T-8 Custom.

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Why R-3090 Water Trough for T-8?

  • A completely new water trough for your Tormek T-8.
  • Easy to replace and install - fits on the screw lift mounts.
  • Fits the Tormek T-8 Original and Tormek T-8 Custom.

Magnet and scraper – for collecting steel particles, easy cleaning

The scraper for the R-3090 Water Trough for T-8 has a built-in magnet that effectively traps steel particles while you sharpen, keeping your grinding wheel cleaner and preventing clogging. These particles can otherwise be pressed into the surface layer of the grinding wheel and impair its abrasive properties. The steel particles are all collected at the magnet when you empty the water trough. You can easily scrape off the steel particles using the scraper that attaches magnetically to the outside of the water trough. The magnetic scraper is not included in the R-3090 Water Trough for T-8, so make sure to keep the scraper from your previous water trough.

Efficient water cooling

One of the foundations of the Tormek sharpening system is water cooling, which both keeps temperatures down so as not to damage tempering, and removes sharpening dust and steel particles from the sharpening process. It's unusual, but the water trough on the Tormek T-8 can be damaged. In that case, you can easily order a new one that's ready to be mounted and filled with water so that you can start sharpening with water cooling again!

The R-3090 Water Trough for T-8 comes as standard with the Tormek T-8 Original and Tormek T-8 Custom, and only fits these machines.

Specs and details


Shipping weight 0,41 kg




Black ABS plastic, magnetized steel


2-year warranty


To see all patents, please visit tormek.com/patents

Made in Sweden


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Included in the box

The R-3090 Water Trough for T-8 comes fully assembled and ready to use.