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Fill in the form to register your new machine and get 3 year extra warranty (5 years + 3 years = 8 years warranty). It's also possible to register older machines. Our goal is to, in the future, offer a valuable log-in for our sharp fans.

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We ask the question about gender identity to get to know our users better, and to become even better to communicate with everyone that might need really sharp tools.

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If you have any questions or are experiencing problems please contact support@tormek.se.

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8 year warranty

A sharpening machine from Tormek is a top quality product made in Sweden. That's why we offer 8 year warranty on all our machines – 5 years from purchase and 3 more years when registering your machine.

Early access

We are blessed with the worlds sharpest community and we are always looking for ways to reward them. That's why we are developing a more valuable log-in for you as a Tormek user. When it is time for launch you'll get early access.