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Knife Sharpening Classes

Watch the Tormek Live Sharpening Classes on knife sharpening and become a real pro!

First trying to get familiarized with knife sharpening can feel like a jungle. But in the Tormek Live Sharpening classes we go through all the steps and explain how to achieve professional sharpness on your Tormek sharpening system - every time.

Knife Sharpening

Wolfgang and Sébastien from Tormek show you how to sharpen three different types of knives on the Tormek water-cooled sharpening system. They demonstrate how to sharpen a regular chef's knife, a filleting knife, and a skinning knife with a very rounded belly at the tip. They use the KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig and the KJ-140 Wide Centering Knife Jig (knife jigs updated since recording).

Tormek's Centering Knife Jigs

In this Tormek Sharpening Class episode we will take a look at our new knife jigs, KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig and KJ-140 Wide Centering Knife Jig. They have been developed to take precision knife sharpening yet another step further.

With Tormek's patented KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig, you'll get symmetrical bevels with the same angle on both sides of the knife, regardless of the thickness or geometry of the blade. Whether you're sharpening a regular kitchen knife or a thicker, tapered hunting knife, you'll get the same results on both bevels of the knife without needing to reset the jig. The KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig fits most types of knives: household knives, chef's knives, craft knives and knives for hunting and fishing. It also works for the woodcarver's straight drawknives and the gardener's pruning shears.

The longer clamp of the KJ-140 Wide Centering Knife Jig stabilizes flexible knife blades, such as filleting knives, to prevent them from bending. This gives you the same angle and pressure over the entire bevel.

Both new knife jigs work with Tormek T-4 and Tormek T-8, as well as older models with a Universal Support.

Advanced Knife Sharpening

Do you want to take your knife sharpening to the next level? Then this advanced knife sharpening class is for you. Wolfgang and Sébastien discuss the many aspects of knife sharpening that are often discussed and debated in sharpening forums, among crafts people and professional sharpeners worldwide. They go in depth on the complexity of the exact edge angle, how to sharpen certain kinds of knifes with different shapes and material, the importance and function of honing and some basic knife care.

KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig

Symmetrical result regardless of blade thickness or geometry

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thumbnail KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig

KJ-140 Wide Centering Knife Jig

Symmetrical result on flexible knives

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thumbnail KJ-140 Wide Centering Knife Jig

Knife Sharpening for the Commercial Kitchen

How do you sharpen your chef's knives? A dull edge is not only frustrating, but it can be time-consuming too. Johan and Sébastien demonstrate the easiest way to keep your knives professionally sharp without having to leave the kitchen. They show you how fast and easy it is to sharpen numerous knives on the Tormek T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener. Some of the knives they show you how to sharpen include a regular chef's knife, filleting knife, paring knife, mandolin blades, s-knives, cleavers an longer bladed knives. Using your knives should be a pleasure!

Sharp Knives Á La Minute

Tormek T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Professional knife sharpening in no time

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thumbnail Tormek T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpening for the Home Chef - Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

We walk you through how to get started with your Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener, the first real knife sharpener for the home chef.

Unlike a simpler sharpener, hand lapper or honing steel, it sharpens the entire bevel of the knife, not just the outer edge. With the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener, you’ll never have to send your knives out for sharpening – you can easily get them to professional sharpness yourself in a matter of minutes. At home in your own kitchen.

The fine grained diamond grinding wheel is optimized for razor sharpness. So we have just one small warning - there's a major risk this will become your new favorite gadget.

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