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EP-36 Five-Pack Narrow Knife Sheaths

Protects you and your knives

Tormek's knife sheaths protect your knives during transport or when stored in a drawer. Your fingers are also protected from cuts when you use knife sheaths. EP-36 Five-Pack Narrow Knife Sheaths are made of sturdy cardboard with Tormek print.


Why EP-36 Five-Pack Narrow Knife Sheaths?

  • Protects the freshly sharpened edge and knife blade to prevent damage.
  • Protects you from injuring yourself on your razor-sharp edges.
  • Facilitates safer transport.
  • Sturdy cardboard with Tormek print.
  • Easy to cut to fit different knife blade lengths.
  • 36 mm (1 3/8") wide and 305 mm (12") long.

Stay sharp, stay safe

You reduce the risk of harm when you keep your knife blades in our cardboard knife sheaths. Both with your knives and yourself! If you don't have any proper storage for your knives, they'll stay sharp even in the kitchen drawer if you apply knife sheaths. And you won't cut yourself when you put your hand in the drawer to pick up your favorite knife. The EP-36 Five-Pack Narrow Knife Sheaths also make it easier to transport your knives safely. The stylish design is just a perk!

Specs and details

Packaging dimensions

Length: 305 mm (12")
Width: 36 mm (1 3/8")


5 pcs




Gray and white

Made in Sweden

Included in the box

The EP-36 Five-Pack Narrow Knife Sheaths are supplied ready to use.