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DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine

For effective material removal and smooth surface finish

Diamond grinding wheel for the Tormek T-8. Tormek's DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine is the ultimate all-round diamond grinding wheel, combining efficient steel removal with a smoothly sharpened surface. The grinding wheel has a grit of 600, providing fast sharpening and a smooth surface finish.

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Why DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine?

  • Diamond grinding wheel for the Tormek T-8.
  • Effective steel removal combined with a smooth finish.
  • Constant shape, always maintains the same diameter.
  • Sharpens all types of steel and ceramic.
  • Allows sharpening on the flat side of the grinding wheel for a completely flat bevel.
  • Exceptional durability with diamond, the world's hardest abrasive.

A grinding wheel for all materials

This diamond grinding wheel can sharpen all types of materials, including steel, ceramics and carbide. The DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine fits the Tormek T-8 Original, Tormek T-8 Custom, Tormek T-7 and earlier models with a grinding wheel 250 mm (9 7/8") in diameter.

Simplifies repeat sharpening

All of Tormek's diamond grinding wheels have exceptional durability and constant abrasive power, which means that they always stay round and flat with a full-size diameter. Users who frequently sharpen the same tool can benefit from this, as it simplifies both jig setting and sharpening. The DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine is particularly appreciated by woodturners.

Get a completely flat bevel

The constant shape makes it possible to sharpen either on the side of the wheel or on its upper surface. Side sharpening is perfect for smaller tools such as knives, chisels, carving gouges and v-tools. The result is an edge with a completely flat bevel, instead of a slightly concave surface.

For sharpening on the side of the diamond grinding wheels, we recommend using the MB-102 Multi Base together with the jig designed for your specific tool. Both the base and the jigs give you support and control throughout the sharpening process.

Rust protection for increased service life

All diamond grinding wheels are supplied with 150 ml of ACC-150 Anti-Corrosion Concentrate. Always add the concentrate to the water when sharpening with water to prevent rust on the grinding wheel. Add 10 ml (0.02 pints) of concentrate to 250 ml (0.4 pints) of water (~4%). We recommend always using water when sharpening with diamond grinding wheels if possible, as it both prolongs the service life of the wheel and provides a smoother sharpening surface. You can also sharpen without water.

Specs and details

Grinding wheel dimensions

Diameter: 250 mm (9 13/16")
Width: 50 mm (1 15/16")


Shipping weight 4.22 kg (9.3 lb)




Steel, diamond coating


600 grit


2-year warranty


Grinding wheel mounting EN


To see all patents, please visit tormek.com/patents


Introduction: Tormek diamond grinding wheels

Get a brief introduction to Tormek's diamond grinding wheels.

Why we love diamonds

Sébastien interviews our CEO Håkan about why we choose to use diamond as an abrasive.

Included in the box

The DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine comes fully assembled and ready to use.

  • ACC-150 Anti-Corrosion Concentrate that makes the water corrosion inhibitant.
  • Instructions for the DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine.


Statements from Tormek Friends

I've been using Tormek's diamond grinding wheels for over two years for both my production and my teaching, and it's delivered some really fantastic results in that time. I especially like the fact that the surface stays flat all the time, and that I always get a perfectly sharpened edge in no time. I've found I get much better results when I grind using water as a lubricant, which also keeps the wheel clean without further maintenance.

Glenn Lucas

Professional Woodturner

Ulrika Karlsson-Arne
Marcus Nolfelt jaktkunskap

Using Tormek diamond wheels is a dream come true. Personally, I still prefer to use water because it keeps both the tool's edge and the grinding wheel clean, but dry sharpening works just as well. The fact that it doesn't rust and that no truing of the grinding wheel is necessary is a big plus, and with three grit sizes to choose from, this is an excellent addition to the Tormek range.

Nick Agar

Professional Woodturner