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SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone

For a mirror finish

The SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone is 4000 grit and provides a mirror finish. The fine surface of the grindstone polishes the edge and creates the ultimate surface finish. If you want razor sharpness, this is the grinding wheel for you! Fits the Tormek T-8 and all earlier machine models with a grinding wheel 250 mm (9 7/8") in diameter.

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Why SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone?

  • Provides a mirror-finish polished bevel.
  • 4000 grit.
  • Provides superior sharpness.
  • Fits the Tormek T-8, Tormek T-7 and older models.

Mirror Finish - Never in Vain

The SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone is designed for sharpening hand tools such as woodcarving tools, knives, scissors, plane irons and chisels, which require minimal steel removal and superior sharpness. It's perfect for both sharpening nerds who want to be able to see their own reflection in their bevels and meticulous craftspeople who want really clean cuts.

It's designed to give the tool the finest surface finish, so its abrasive power is limited and it can't be used to shape a tool. If you need to give your tool a new edge, it's best to do that on another grinding wheel first and then use your SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone to give the final finish.

The unique composition of the stone gives it an extremely long service life. You usually don't need to hone on the leather honing wheel afterwards because the SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone leaves such a fine finish.

Low maintenance, long service life

You should clean the surface of the grindstone at regular intervals to remove fine steel particles. You can do this with the fine side of the SP-650 Stone Grader, or with the coarse side of a sponge. Don't use the coarse side of the stone grader on the SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone as this will damage the grindstone.

The SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone fits the Tormek T-8, Tormek T-7 and earlier Tormek models with a grinding wheel 250 mm (9 7/8") in diameter and 50 mm (2") wide. A smaller version, the SJ-200 Japanese Waterstone, is also available for our compact Tormek T-4.

Specs and details

Grinding wheel dimensions

Diameter: 250 mm (9 13/16")
Width: 50 mm (1 15/16")


Shipping weight 5.23 kg (11.53 lb)




Aluminum oxide


Sharpening characteristics equivalent to 4000 grit


2-year warranty


Grinding wheel mounting EN


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Introduction: SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone

The SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone has sharpening properties equivalent to 4000 grit and produces a mirror finish with barely visible scratches.

Tormek Live Sharpening Classes: Tormek grinding wheels

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Included in the box

The SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone comes fully assembled and ready to use.

  • Instructions for the SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone