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Product News: Our Multi Base Just Got Even More Multi

Let's kickstart this fall with some product news! The updated MB-102 Multi Base will have some Tormekers head over heels in love, and others shrugging their shoulders. One thing's for sure: our Multi Base just got even more multi!

TLDR - Watch this product video External link, opens in new window., or this extensive live sharpening class External link, opens in new window..

Torgny Jansson, the founder of Tormek.

New feature: Sharpen knives edge trailing and guided honing with knife jigs

The previous MB-100 Multi Base just got discontinued, and updated to the MB-102 Multi Base. So, what is this update all about? Simply put, it allows you to better sharpen knives with the edge in the grinding wheel's direcion of rotation (edge trailing) and enables guided honing using your knife jigs.

When mounting the MB-102 Multi Base horizontally on your Tormek machine, you can mount the universal support vertically in front of the machine, in the two new mounts on the multi base. Basically, you convert the horizontal mounts on the machine to become vertical.

What is it good for?

Though we generally recommend sharpening knives with the edge against the grinding wheel's direcion of rotation (edge leading), there are applications for the opposite. Sharpening edge trailing is commonly preferred on the Japanese Waterstone, to make sure that the edge don't catch the softer stone.

It can also be beneficial to sharpen edge trailing when sharpening a steeper angle to prevent catches, or when sharpening a spoon knife for minimal material removal, for example.

The new MB-102 Multi Base can also be used to enable guided honing using knife jigs. This is adventageous if you are not confident you can keep the right angle when freehand honing, or if your knife blade has a patina or coating that you don't want to accidentally hone away. Keeping a precise angle when honing, with your knife mounted in your knife jig, guided by the universal support, will make sure you hone just the bevel.

Tormek museum with a wall showing the evolution of jigs and sharpening machines

Get a Flat Bevel on the Outside of Your Diamond Wheel

With this upgrade, we have not removed any function on the MB-102 Multi Base, but only added the new mounts. So the functions that it had before the update are of course still the same.

Hence, you can still sharpen a completely flat bevel on the outside of your diamond grinding wheel using the MB-102 Multi Base. This is desirable for some tools, such as v-tools, kiridashi knives, Japanese chisels and other tools used for delicate woodwork.

Availability of the new MB-102 Multi Base will vary between markets.