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Tormek Museum & Store

Founded in 1973, Tormek turned 50 years in 2023. To celebrate we wanted to be able to invite the sharpest community in the world to our premises, and to tell the Tormek story. So, we created the museum "Tormek - A Sharp Story", and opened the Tormek Mini Concept Store at our HQ in Lindesberg, Sweden. We hope to see you!

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Tormek - A Sharp Story

The museum Tormek - A Sharp Story tells the tale of Torgny Jansson and the development of his idea of a low-speed water-cooled sharpening machine, to a multinational market leading sharpening innovation business.

You get an introduction to the community of incredible makers that use Tormek-sharp edges every day. You get to know Torgny's father Eric and read his journal on Tormek's first stumbling steps.

You get to follow the development of the Tormek sharpening system, kitchen knife sharpening machines, innovations, and the Tormek brand. And while you're here, you have to try the world's first Sharpness Shower, where you can immerse yourself in an audiovisual experience of true sharpness.

The Tormek Mini Concept Store

To be able to offer our complete product range to our visitors we decided to open the Tormek Mini Concept Store. Here you can get everything Tormek, from machines to jigs and accessories and even some sharp merch.

We also offer a sustainable deal - a limited stock of products with minor imperfections at a discounted price. The inventory varies widely, so be sure to visit us as often as you can!

Take the Anniversary Tour

Tormek is nothing without its users and the skilled craftspeople who use sharp edges every day. They create the most beautiful pieces imaginable. For our 50 year anniversary we wanted to showcase what people around the world can do with a Tormek-sharp edge, so we held the exhibition Sharp Makers 2023.

All exhibition pieces are made by Tormek users around the world. The exhibition Sharp Makers 2023 closed end of September 2023, but is immortalized in this virtual tour.

Opening Hours and Directions

Address: Skogstorpsvägen 3A, 711 34 Lindesberg, Sweden. Get directions-> External link, opens in new window.

Opening hours: Thursdays 12:00 - 17:00. Opening hours may vary during holidays.

Do your group want a guided tour? Send a request to info@tormek.se.
Press contact: media@tormek.se.